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The Lund Mortgage Team Difference

We’re a family-owned business with roots in the same community we work in. Founded by Stan Lund and now led by Lisa Lund, Lund Mortgage Team is true to its name – a team of people committed to giving each customer the best home loan experience possible. Our commitment to leading edge technology and excellent service means the Lund Team leads the way in the mortgage field.






The Unexpected Way Bad Credit Can Make Your Mortgage More Expensive

By  - Conventional loans are crème de la crème of the mortgage market. This loan type offers the best possible terms and fees as well as relatively sustainable long-term affordability. However,

7 Tips To Guide First-Time Homebuyers Through the Process

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Buying your first home comes with equal doses of trepidation and elation with the knowledge that you are sinking your hard-earned money into a single dwelling, possibly for the next 30 years.

Yet the yearning for your very own abode could defeat any remaining feelings of apprehension. Here are some tips to prepare you for one of the largest

Time to Refinance – Again?

Mortgage rates have fallen again to begin 2015, making refinance a smart option for more homeowners. Industry analysts agree. "From a timing standpoint, now's the time to jump on it," says

Long-term indicators suggest that rates may begin a slow climb soon, eliminating the refinance option for many homeowners. Historically low rates are still attractive and new programs