Home Loans in Peoria, AZ

If you’re ready to get into a home in Peoria, AZ, work with the mortgage broker service at Lund Mortgage Team. We offer a variety of options on home loans so that you can afford your dream home.

Enjoy a Variety of Home Loan Services

When you work with Lund Mortgage Team, you work with a home loan broker that understands that your financial situation is unique. We’ll go over your current budget, your qualifications, and your projected financial future with you to help you determine what type of loan will work best for you. From there, we’ll pair you with financial institutions that offer the right kind of loan programs.

Work With an Experienced Mortgage Broker

Lisa Lund leads our team as an experienced home loan broker who is familiar with the housing market in the Peoria, AZ, area. You can rely on her and her team of consultants to find you the best rates available for your home loan. Our top priority is your satisfaction, so we’ll happily answer all your questions and help you move through the loan process at any time that is convenient for you — even outside of regular business hours.

If you’re interested in learning more, call Lisa Lund at (623) 875-9940 or start your application today. We look forward to serving as your home mortgage broker in Peoria, AZ.